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From Diplomat Artist Buzz: Children’s futures are on hold and our futures will be diminished without their prospective contributions to mankind. –More–
From Diplomat Artist & Susan Sacirbey on the first day of our blizzard! Remember those less fortunate. – More –
Wishes for More Tolerant 2016 & Actions?
New Year’s Wish from


How Srebrenica, Netherlands, NATO & UN Were Betrayed
From Diplomat Artist Buzz: The evidence has now converged from several different sources, including recently revealed documents & statements from former government officials.



World Interfaith Week – Religions must Come Together to Marginalize Haters Killing in their Name
By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey
Religion is not under attack from another religion but mostly from within who would exploit and pervert for their own power or other self-promoting and/or aggrandizement agenda.…/


BiH female & male police of mixed ethnicity working to stem sexual violence, enhance the rule of law, and provide training to local counterparts now exert a powerful example & lessons.

Syria, Ukraine, Gaza, Nigeria, Central African Republic- Across the globe, schools should be zones of peace & safe havens where children learn without fear of death or injury. Education is a basic human right.

Recommended read for comprehensive recap of UNHRC. Prince Zeid: “When human rights go wrong – when violations & abuses generate explosive crises & conflicts – the cost in bloodshed, in wrecked economies & humanitarian aid is titanic.”


Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, new UN Human Rights Chief, & friend of Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey makes Syria & Iraq his top priorities. He blasts ISIL fighters as “Takfiris” an ideology that he calls “extremely narrow and unyielding” who annihilate those Muslims, Christians, Jews & others – the rest of humanity – who believe differently to them. Recommend checking the UN Link for his assessment of Iraq & Syria challenges as well as other global hot spots — CAR, South Sudan, Sudan, Israel, Palestine.

Rape, sexual slavery, forced marriage combined with lack of security, rule of law, healthcare, food, and education create increased radicalization of both parties with women and girls most at risk.