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End of the Western Black #Rhinoceros
By, Joclyn Corrigan via
Don’t miss Joclyn Corrigan (Affton High School St. Louis) senior’s first article with There’s hope for the future of other rhino & endangered species with laws against poaching & education against cultural taboos & illicit sports hunting.

#‎Veganism‬ on a ‪#‎Global‬ Scale?

By, Monclair Student Diplomat Stephanie Londono

(Questions that might arise on what veganism can mean to those not part of the Western world) & Where do we draw the line between sustainability & morality when it comes to having compassion for the animals we view as food? — Read MORE —

Diplomat Artist: Montclair Student Diplomat Steph Londono presents the question, “Where do we draw the line between sustainability and morality when it comes to have compassion for animals we view as food?” –Read MORE–

Today is International Day of the Girl Child, & little girls need to grow up healthy. That’s why pinkwashing should be of concern whatever your beliefs on fracking. Susan G Koman & fracking are an oxymoron. Cancer hazards occur at every stage of the drilling, fracking, processing, & distribution process.


DRINK GREEN TEA & ADD LEMON, according to Medical News Today
Catechins display health-promoting qualities & may be responsible for some of green tea’s reported health benefits, like reduced risk of cancer, heart attack & stroke, but squeeze your tea bag on removal & add lemon juice to your tea to increase ECGC bioavailability by 5X.

Arise Review

Join Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey as he debates Violent Demonstrations in the Balkans at 10.39 minutes into program. But don’t miss entire news hour review for Every Culture, Every Angle: Pakistan/Afghan Government Talks w/ Taliban, China’s Territorial Claims of Disputed Islands, The New Haiti, Cancer Tidal Wave, NYC Fashion Week, South Africa Elections & Miner’s Strike, & Beatlemania – 50 Years.


More commitment to prevention & early detection is desperately needed to complement improved cancer treatments & address alarming rise in new cases -14 million to 22 million worldwide. But for children, best therapy & bedside manner may come from furry, empathetic friend.