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Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey interviews Afghan Citadel Software Co. CEO, Roya Mahboob & Film Annex Founder/President, Francesco Rulli at United Nations TV station in NYC. They talk about Film ImageAnnex’s new initiative, The Afghan Development Project, the future of Afghanistan & other developing countries, online advertising & its role in a potential cultural revolution, how raising new generation of Afghans with the Internet will help country’s economy.

Blog Report: WHY WE FAIL IN AFGHANISTAN? By Ambassador Mo

The US kills the bad guys, UN helps run elections & money is tossed at economic ventures; however, the effort to transform Afghanistan is still on uncertain grounds. The investment in Afghanistan needs more of one critical ingredient: a free society. Democracy means little without the free society to nurture it. Killing the Taliban means little if their ideas remain pervasive in society. –More–

Blog Report: MORE GIRLS IN TECHNOLOGY – BUT HOW? By Ambassador Mo
“Over the coming decade, there are expected to be two million more information & communications technology (ICT) jobs than there are professionals to fill them. This is an extraordinary opportunity for girls & young women – in a world where there are over 70 million unemployed young people,” according to ITU Secretary-General, Hamadoun Touré. –More–

INTERVIEW from DIPLOMATICImageALLY INCORRECT: Ambassador Mo Sacirbey on Film Annex Afghan Development Project & G.I.V.E.
Film Annex is investing in Afghanistan’s educational system by building Internet classrooms in primary, secondary, & high schools. In this interview,  Ambassador Mo talks about the new Film Annex initiatives and his thoughts about Afghanistan’s future. –More–