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Highly recommend this critical article by human rights activist, Bianca Jagger, who exposes a sanctioned & coordinated program with different Sri Lanka Security forces operating in secret camps for torture & sexual violence of both men & women which has been ignored in the global agenda.


By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey
Prince Zeid & I were among the original signatories to the Rome Statute, having spent several months establishing the institutional and legal foundation for the ICC. We worked together to insure sexual violence in conflict & gender based crimes were addressed fully within the Rome Statute & by future court.

Blog Report: DEATH PENALTY STILL KILLS IN US, By Ambassador Mo
The United States is still one of the few western democracies that applies the death penalty. In fact it is one of the states along with China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Iraq that most frequently executes. Thus, when the state of Connecticut abolished the death penalty, the United Nations human rights office welcomed the step and urged other countries/states to follow suit. –More–