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From Diplomat Artist: A committed friend & activist, Sharon Silber, asked me to share this link, “Act to Restore 2100” for World Food Day. It’s a wake-up call to take action & enlist the support & commitment from President Obama, Samantha Power, & USAID. –MORE–

From Diplomat Artist Buzz: On World Habitat Day, public places with their architecture as art & culture, show the better side of humanity including our interaction with the earth & animals. — MORE –Can you spot the green iguana blending so comfortably in its surrounding habitat in the middle of Key West’s Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park?
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From Diplomat Artist Buzz: Shakira is not just talking to the global citizen audience but on their behalf to global leaders & diplomats. While Shakira is a star of show business, her commitment is more than show. –MORE–


Diplomat Artist Buzz: Cultural Diversity and the importance for education, peace, & understanding for global citizens


Diplomat Artist Buzz: Two years earlier, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey’s class at Montclair State University produced a video asking then what has now become the key to the answer: “Is Education a Human Right?”

Liberty, Life, & Legacy of the Holocaust Survivors


Liberty, Life, & Legacy of the Holocaust Survivors
Diplomat Artist Buzz – Remembering Auschwitz – 70 Years


60,000 Global Citizens at New York City’s Central Park rock with UNSG Ban Ki-moon, Jay-Z, No Doubt, & Carrie Underwood to making a better world that can end extreme poverty.