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Diplomat Artist Buzz: Cultural Diversity and the importance for education, peace, & understanding for global citizens


Diplomat Artist Buzz: Two years earlier, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey’s class at Montclair State University produced a video asking then what has now become the key to the answer: “Is Education a Human Right?”

Liberty, Life, & Legacy of the Holocaust Survivors


Liberty, Life, & Legacy of the Holocaust Survivors
Diplomat Artist Buzz – Remembering Auschwitz – 70 Years


60,000 Global Citizens at New York City’s Central Park rock with UNSG Ban Ki-moon, Jay-Z, No Doubt, & Carrie Underwood to making a better world that can end extreme poverty.

Can UN Help Curb Climate Change & its Consequences?
By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey
When I started writing this blog I was less optimistic in regards to the global consciousness. The Climate March has swelled activism & expectations, but it must be more than a one-day phenomena. Loving the earth is not treating it like a one-night stand. Our professed love is not new. Recall that “Earth Day” started & blossomed in the early 70’s about the same time we first heard Marvin Gaye’s eternal “The Ecology Song – Mercy, Mercy Me.”


With all the crises on the world stage, what better time to “Take Action, Inspire Change” in fostering what Mandela best represents – Democracy, Justice, & Reconciliation? It begins at the grassroots level. Volunteer#67minutes


The 2 sides are working to end the long-running conflict through full implementation of General Agreement for End of the Conflict & Building a Stable & Lasting Peace & also agreed to work together to combat drug trafficking.

ECOSOC Youth Forum spotlights education, employment & entrepreneurship, health, peace, security, & governance as the thematic areas of greatest concern for young people in the future.

Blue Helmets Honored

“UN Peacekeeping: A Force for Peace. A Force for Change. A Force for the Future” theme as UN honors 106 Blue Helmets who died in 2013. Bosnian, Serbian, & Croatian troops from flood ravaged Balkans can contribute expertise in land mining operations & are among troop contributors from non-traditional countries which are on the rise.

Crisis in Ukraine, Syria Top Agenda at a Meeting between Ban & Russia's Putin

With deteriorating climate facing media, abductions, targeted killings, disappearances, religious discrimination of Crimean Tartars & other minorities, halting opoioid substitution therapy for HIV/AIDS population in Crimea & Eastern Ukraine, dialogue with Putin in China was critical as Ukraine, Syria, & climate change challenges were discussed.