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The Misconception About Feminism
By, Montclair Student Diplomat Brianna Deleon via Huffington Post
Feminism is a movement to establish equal economical, social, political rights for women. Feminism is for men & women. Feminists fight to close the wage gap. Feminists want women to feel safe against harassment & domestic violence. Feminism is not a dirty word. We need feminism. – Read MORE —
From Diplomat Artist: Brianna Deleon, Montclair Student Diplomat, addresses actor & feminist Emma Watson, a UN Goodwill Ambassador, & her fight towards equality with her organic Twitter campaign ‪#‎HeForShe‬ to promote equal rights & gender equality. — Read MORE —

Diplomat Artist Buzz: As UNEP stresses: There is “the need to speed the transition to an inclusive sustainable economy, which requires channeling of trillions of dollars annually into green investment & many more trillions away from pollutant & natural resource intensive investment.”

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From Diplomat Artist Buzz

While the assessment of the direct benefits of microfinance lending may be “modest” according to the recent World Bank study, there are other related opportunities that may be more critical.


Diplomat Artist Buzz on Microfinance
Microfinance is now matured into a tool to further financial engagement of all citizens & promote entrepreneurship in the developed as well as developing states.


UN Meteorological Agency Reports this is the Warmest Century on Record as Trend Continues Upward
Even as we freeze at UN HQ in New York City, the forecast is for more heat globally, if the current trend continues. — From Diplomat Artist Buzz

07-08-unwomen-emma-thompsonKnown for playing leading role of “Hermione Granger” in Harry Potter saga, Ms. Watson has been involved with promotion of girls’ education for several years, & previously visited Bangladesh & Zambia as part of her humanitarian efforts.

Some Rohingya Muslims who have reached Thailand speak of being taken to smugglers’ camps in the jungles or hills near Thailand-Malaysia border kept for months in overcrowded camps & sometimes even cages until families could pay for their release, according to UNHCR.


Step in right direction, but call for corporate accountability following deadliest disaster in history of garment industry. Urge Walmart, Benetton, & Children’s Place to pay up for families & injured workers of Rana Plaza. Stand in solidarity.

1st Companies Give to Fund for Victims of Bangladeshi Factory Collapse

The Rana Plaza Donors Trust Fund, which will be administered by ILO, reported names of first 5 companies to contribute: El Corte Inglés; Inditex, which includes the brand Zara; Loblaw; Mango; & Mascot toward a $40 million goal in a $48 Billion industry.