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From Diplomat Artist Buzz & Cultural Diplomacy: While some maintain a presence in the public eye through their public service before the UN, DiCaprio has joined the battle on behalf of global citizens when his presence draws the focus to the most pressing issues. –More–
Mixed Signals on Global Economy: #Investment Up, #Trade Down!
From Diplomat Artist Buzz & Global Finance – The “Global Investment Trends Monitor” has hit a record high. This measure though, compiled by the UN Conference on Trade & Development, is highlighted in the release by the following headline: “FDI is unexpectedly strong but lacks productive impact.” – More –
From Diplomat Artist Buzz: Palestinian Refugees’ lives & experiences are preserved in “Long Journey” through diplomacy & art traveling exhibition.
By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey via Huffington Post
Reality can be stranger than fiction, but then music & film can be inspiration for the change & liberation of our minds from the conventional & conformism. – More – & YouTube Video of X Ambassadors “Renegades”

From Diplomat Artist Buzz – Lebanese Lydia Canaan stands out as global citizen & diplomat artist. Her world-renown music talent & spirit as ambassador for the future are where inclusiveness & peace are the answer to exclusion & conflict. Capture more of Lydia’s spirit of “artistic diplomacy” in her inspirational poem “Humanity Wake Up & Fight” & selection of her music on YouTube & SoundCloud links. — MORE —

Diplomat Artist Buzz on Photography to Counter Hunger with Theme “the family meal”

The UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) has sponsored a photography contest as means to counter global hunger. This year’s theme being “the family meal.”

Women Photographers Shatter Middle Eastern Stereotypes, By Omar Sacirbey

Intriguing exhibit about female Middle Eastern photographers shattering stereotypes. These photographs are beautiful & genius at the same time, and they may be coming to a museum near you.

Completing two week mission to Russian Federation, UN Special Rapporteur in field of cultural rights noted artistic life is vibrant in Russian society. However, she was “disturbed” by reports of social art activists being harassed by police, prosecuted & convicted for provocative artistic expressions. She evaluated areas where ethnic minorities live & status of disadvantaged groups & the disabled.