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Is Diplomacy in Syria Failing the Lessons of Bosnia?
Lecture by Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey, Bosnia & Herzegovina
–Tuesday, Sept. 15, 12:30, Modesto A. Maidique Campus/CP145
–FIU (Florida International University) Steven J. Green, School of — International & Public Affairs
–Co-sponsored by the Initiative for Muslim World Studies
–Event Free & Open to Public
For related information on the topic, see Ambassador Sacirbey’s blog in Huffington Post: “Is UN Failing Syria & the Rule of Law — Mimicking Bosnia?

Religion Cause for War?

If you are reading this article to see which religion is called out as more blameworthy or which one will be projected in a ray of light as most righteous, then you will be disappointed, and perhaps your own identity acts more as bias rather than liberator of prejudice.

The Ambassador's Cat

From Susan and Ambassador Mo Sacirbey: In loving tribute to our friend and hero TATOU (July 2001 – May 3, 2013)

Syria Strike – Symbolic or Conflict Altering?

Intervention, even if limited or “measured” has to calculate the possibilities beyond the initial strike from counter-strikes and further escalation by Assad forces, to the diplomatic response of adversaries and hesitant allies.

Gang Rape of Free Media in our Western Democracies?

Another much wiser man, Ben Franklin on the eve of the American Revolution, stated that a society willing to sacrifice liberty in order to attain security in the end will have neither.

“Inclusive” or “Democratic” Egypt?

The UN stands out as perhaps catalytic institution to help address & resolve Egypt’s deepening crisis on levels of democratic-human rights as well as Egypt’s pivotal position.


alamoatnightBosnia’s Alamo — Srebrenica? By Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey

From the massacre of all its defenders, “Remember the Alamo” became the call to victory. Executing all the defenders of Srebrenica & expelling all its Bosniak residents was the tactic that was intended to also wipe away all of Bosnia & Herzegovina.