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Negotiating Peace Settlement in Bosnia Two Decades Ago and Now Syria

WATCH Al Jazeera’s interview with Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey on Syria Peace Talks. Two decades ago, the UN struggled to stop bloodshed in the Balkans. Peace talks halted the violence in Bosnia & Herzegovina but were not the solution. Ambassador Sacirbey fears the Syrian people will face an expedited solution that doesn’t address their future or a conflict continuing with ethnic cleansing and extremists getting stronger.

From Diplomatically Incorrect: Al Jazeera Inside Story “WILL RATKO MLADIC ‘S TRIAL DELIVER JUSTICE?”
TV Link & commentary from interview with Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey: “The Prosecutor, I think has done a good job of speaking of really a state-sponsored plan that continues to be executed today, because as Mladic goes on trial, refugees who were originally from Srebrenica now have been ethnically cleansed, not only can’t go back, they can’t even vote in elections for next local council & mayor.”

AMBASSADOR MUHAMED SACIRBEY WILL APPEAR LIVE TODAY, 16 May, on “AL JAZEERA English, 10am EST, regarding General Ratko Mladic trial.
Diplomatically Incorrect is bringing Ambassador Mo’s most recent blog report before his departure for the TV studio.