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From Diplomat Artist Buzz
At a time in history of enormous challenges – man-made, environmental, & beyond our control — sacrifice for the common good calls for dedication to the cause of peace & shared goals with humanity. – MORE – including Youngblood’s 1967 hit “Get Together”
From Diplomat Artist Buzz: Montclair Student Diplomat, Stephen Gauthier, explores the fascinating world of Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy relief for our Vets suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. — More —


Diplomat Artist Buzz: Cultural Diversity and the importance for education, peace, & understanding for global citizens


Diplomat Artist Buzz on Angelina Jolie Speaking to UNSC
Angelina Jolie as Special Envoy of UN High Commissioner on Refugees has delivered support, real & moral, as well as wading into the refugee camps to highlight the plight of the innocent.

Diplomat Artist Buzz – International Day Demands Ending Child Soldiers

Children as the most vulnerable members of society are no strangers to recruitment as child soldiers in world conflicts spanning wide geographic swaths from Afghanistan to the DRC to South Sudan.

Women in Nepal.
5 Most Dangerous Countries for Women
Recommended by Susan Sacirbey – Excellent, well-documented article by Khushbu Kapadia, ‪#‎StudentDiplomat‬ from Montclair State University that should be required reading for anyone interested in social justice & human rights. Read on to find out the five most dangerous countries for women.

Manifestations of violence consist of targeted killings of women; sexual harassment in the workplace & in public spaces; rape of women & girls, the issue of access to justice & to justice itself for women & girls – in both the formal justice system & informal dispute resolution forums – was also a source of deep concern voiced Special Rapporteur.

Arise Review

Join Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey as he debates Violent Demonstrations in the Balkans at 10.39 minutes into program. But don’t miss entire news hour review for Every Culture, Every Angle: Pakistan/Afghan Government Talks w/ Taliban, China’s Territorial Claims of Disputed Islands, The New Haiti, Cancer Tidal Wave, NYC Fashion Week, South Africa Elections & Miner’s Strike, & Beatlemania – 50 Years.

Multiple Emergencies Pose Great Test for Global Humanitarian System

Excellent summary from Valerie Amos, Humanitarian Affairs & Emergency Relief Coordinator covering Syria, Philippines, CAR, South Sudan, Sudan, DRC, Somalia, Sahel, Afghanistan, Haiti, & Myanmar.

Afghan Policewomen Say Sexual Harassment Rife

Today’s NY Time’s article reinforces Head of UN Women: “Recent cases of targeted killings point to urgent need to guarantee women’s girls’ rights as Government of Afghanistan prepares for full takeover from international forces & moves towards provincial & parliamentary elections.”