Respect ALL of Burma (Myanmar's) Children

” Northern Rakhine – home to 80% of the country’s 1 million long-persecuted Muslim Rohingya population – runs along the Bay of Bengal and is cut off from the rest of the country by a mountain range.”

ARE THEY HUMAN WHO DESERVE THE RESPECT or NOT? Have many children are concerned?

We know, Ms A.S.S.K is planning for the Presidency. FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT OF MYANMAR/BURMA.

My be, She is also dreaming about Her 2 boys born overseas could bear THE BURMESE CITIZENSHIP, looking in amendment of the present constitution.

But, What had she been doing for OTHER BURMA CHILDREN?

In fact, when some Children were/are Rohingya of Ethnic group born in Myanmar/Burma. They are denied Burmese citizenship.

I admit, I like Ms ASSK, for all her past points, but disagree with her ignorance’s for other Burma children, mainly when they are Rohingya.