Hurricane Sandy is no joking matter to those of us on the US East Coast, particularly in New York City and New Jersey. This may be my last blog report for a few days as Staten Island has received a mandatory evacuation notice from the Mayor. Ambassador Mo and I are staying and bunking down with our three cats, however; but we fully expect to lose power and our access to the outside world via the Internet. It feels a bit like Ground Hog Day or deja vu, as we wrote a similar report last year on August 26 prior to Hurricane Irene.

What makes this storm unique and more treacherous are a combination of factors. Hurricane season typically runs from June 1 – November 1, so Sandy was a late bloomer but should be a long-duration event. There is a midlatitude trough coming from the western part of the United States drawing in Hurricane Sandy. With arctic air coming from the Canadian Plains, parts of the US could also experience  snow. The full moon, which would have been great for Halloween and young trick or treaters will produce high tides and perhaps a storm surge. A cruel trick to those of us who like Halloween.

According to, “At Full Moon, the Earth, sun and moon are arranged in a line, with Earth in the middle. Tidal ranges are especially high at this time because the gravitational tugs of the sun and moon on our planet reinforce each other. The same effect is felt at new moon, when the three bodies all line up, with the moon between Earth and the sun. Indeed, tides at the new and full moons are called “spring tides.” The term has nothing to do with the season; it comes from the German verb “springen,” which means “to spring up.”

Now is the time to check in with our family and neighbors, stock up with necessary supplies, make peace with our God/ higher power and to respect Mother Nature. By the way, if that’s my new neighbor (PHOTO) can’t wait to meet him or her!

From Susan Sacirbey & Ambassador Mo

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